Friday, April 22, 2011

But DAD...!!!

I remember doing the same thing to my dad about his awesome muffins. I'm sure I wasn't as hyper as this child, but I was excited, nonetheless. I love this video because it reminds me of how we should keep the promises we make. This father made the promise to go get his son some pancakes. I can only imagine the anticipation that child had, waiting all night for the fulfillment of his dad's promise to him (and I would feel the same way; pancakes are my favorite food!). That is how we should be to our Heavenly Father. Though the promises made to us shouldn't be our prime motivator, we should wait for the blessings awaiting us as we keep the commandments. Also, the scriptures tell us that we should be as perfect as we can. Jesus Christ, who is our example of a perfect person, always kept, and always will keep, His promises. If He is our example, shouldn't we keep our promises too, both to mankind, and to Him?

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