Sunday, June 19, 2011


Father’s Day is usually celebrated one day every June, but there can be other father’s days too. Fathers never stop being fathers, even when the holiday is over. To show that you remember your fathers on the other 364 days of the year, some ways to make them happy should be lasting things. Few things please a father more than having a son or daughter who is unselfish, helpful, pleasant, hard working, hard playing, and kind and loving to everyone. When a father’s family is happy, it helps him to become a better kind of person.

My dad is the kind of person who likes to get things done his own way. He likes to see things done right, and I think he's the perfect person to do it. My dad has taught me this way of working, which has helped me on my mission. As I have gone throughout my mission, I have been able to work in many different people's lives. As I have used these work ethics taught to me by my father, the lives with which I am working in seem to change a lot faster. My dad has been a great example to me.

This is not all that my father has done for me. Let me name off just a few events: showing up at music recitals, bringing his work truck home, helping with pinewood derby cars for years, providing me the way to go on a mission (as well as being the big provider in general), playing board games with me late into the night, going on motorcycle rides to get an ice cream at Dairy Queen, Coldstone, or Baskin Robbins, showing forth example after example of how to treat other people, allowing me to work next to him with whatever he's doing (and knowing that he trusts me to do so), along with many, many, many other things that I could talk for days about. He has done more for me than I will ever know.

If you show that you remember your fathers’ enduring love for you by the way you live (which is my big Father's Day gift this year), every day can truly be a Fathers' Day.

Dad, I. S. U. M. H. <3 I love you SO much. I'll see you soon!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Whole Armor of God: Part 2

This is a good illustration of what will happen when you let your guard down. The Armor of God is one of those things that you should never take off. It should always be firmly attached to you. It will stay attached to you based on the decisions you make throughout the day. When those troubling times get in your way, or when difficult decisions cross your path, keep on the Armor of God.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Heavenly Father's Plan, Made Easy

I bear my testimony that Heavenly Father does have a plan already laid out for us. This "Plan of Salvation" is a wonderful way for us to utilize the Atonement of Jesus Christ, help us improve who we are, and help others along the way so that we all can make it back to live with Heavenly Father again.