Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reverse Thinking

Even the most unlikely people can change...

I really love this video because it shows us that people really can change, that they really can find that light that they are looking for in this life. I couldn't imagine to know where I would be without the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I know I wouldn't be as happy as I am. I know that I would have no hope in this life, or the life hereafter. I can only pray that those who have the ideals in the first part of this video will come to an understanding that there is more to life than hopeless dreams, bigger scenes, and pointless things, and that they will come to a knowledge, not just a belief, that Jesus Christ is very real, and that He is there for us whenever and wherever we need Him. I know that what I say is true. I know that we are here in this earth for a specific reason, not just by happenstance. I know that we are the children of our Father who is in heaven. I know that this Gospel with which I live by is true and correct.

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