Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Little Insight Into Judgement Day

All of us, whether we realize it now or later, will be judged according to two things: the actions we have done in this life, and the desires of our hearts. I love how this video portrays the same guy as all of the characters because I think, in a sense, that our own actions and our own desires will be our judge. This is where mercy will be very important. As long as we repent of the things which our actions and our desires have caused, those bad things will be "blotted out", or in other words, we won't be judged for them because they have been erased. I invite all who read this to repent, so that we can fully feel the weight of guilt and shame disappear.


  1. I enjoy these. Thanks for putting them up.

  2. love this blog....


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